BOOKS ⚣ Whaling and Fishing Author Charles Bernard Nordhoff –

BOOKS ⚣ Whaling and Fishing  Author Charles Bernard Nordhoff –
  • Library Binding
  • Whaling and Fishing
  • Charles Bernard Nordhoff
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9780781246378

Whaling and Fishing Purchase Of This Book Includes Free Trial Access To Million Books Where You Can Read Than A Million Books For Free This Is An OCR Edition With Typos Excerpt From Book WHALING AND FISHING CHAPTER I Whalemen Wanted A Whaling Shipping Office The Man Of Wars Man The Merchant Seamen The Whaleman Talk With The Shipper I Determine On A, Whaling Cruise Go To New Bedford Landsmen Wanted One Thousand Stout Young Men, Americans, Wanted For The Fleet Of Whaleships, Now Fitting Out For The North And South Pacific Fisheries Extra Chances Given To Coopers, Carpenters And Blacksmiths None But Industrious Young Men, With Good Recommendations, Taken Such Will Have Superior Chances For Advancement Outfits, To The Amount Of Seventy Five Dollaes Furnished To Each Individual, Before Proceeding To Sea Persons Desirous To Avail Themselves Of Tlie Present Splendid Opportunity Of Seeing The World, And At The Same Time Acquiring A Profitable Business, Will Do Well To Make Early Application To The Undersigned Such Were The Contents Of A Flaring Poster, Whose Bright Capitals Caught My Eye, As One Morning I Was Rambling With A Shipmate Along South Street, On The East Eiver Side Of New York Such Notices Are No Rarity In The Eastern Seaports Whale Crews Are In Almost Constant Demand, And These Wants And Fine Chances, Stare One In The Face On Nearly Every Street Corner They Are The Lures By Means Of Which The Farm Boys, The Factory Boys, And The City Boys Are Drawn To The Net Of The Shipper The Very Hopeful, And Delightful, But Somewhat Overdrawn Picture Of A Whaleman S Life, Here In Few Words Set Forth, Has Enticed Many A Tolerably Honest, But Withal Lazy Lad To Seek The Shipper S Office, And Engage Himself For A Three Or Four Years Cruise To A Sailor This Avenue To A Whaleship Is Hermetically Sealed Neither Here Nor In New Bedford Is He At All Likely To Be Shipped For Experience Has Taught The Captains A

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    Originally published in 1856 A young man s experiences on the water aboard both a whaler and a mackerel schooner and various other craft The language used then is interesting I have never wished to be a sailor, nor do I now after reading this, however, the thought of being a sailor does cause a romantic tinge The fishing in the book was suited to me than the whaling, but the whaling part of the book was interesting due to my ignorance of whaling My friend Bob at the bait shop has an exceptional library of books, and to my delight, many of them fishing books He allowed me to borrow this copy The copy I have was published 1895 so I am very careful with it and it took me awhile to read I enjoyed it very much and learned a bunch I get nervous around antique books I will be glad to return it to my friend with a hearty thanks.

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