[PDF] ↠ Poop or Get Off the Potty! Author Margaret McNamara – Escortkibris724.live

[PDF] ↠ Poop or Get Off the Potty!  Author Margaret McNamara – Escortkibris724.live
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Poop or Get Off the Potty!
  • Margaret McNamara
  • 03 September 2019
  • 9781250124401

Poop or Get Off the Potty! When Mason And Mia Were Babies, They Pooped A Lot Always In Their Diapers.Now That They Re Big Kids, It S Time To Use The Potty But What Is The Potty For Naps NO.Books NO.Playing The Drums No, No, No Mason And Mia Look Ahead To Official Big Kid Territory In This Hilarious, Instructive Story With Special Emphasis On That Momentous Toddler Milestone Pooping In The Potty

About the Author: Margaret McNamara

Margaret McNamara is the Christopher Award winning author of than two dozen books for young readers, including the Robin Hill School series The Fairy Bell Sisters series is inspired not only by her love of the classic sisterhood novel Little Women but by her own experiences growing up with older sisters and a baby brother Margaret and her family live in New York City, but they spend part

10 thoughts on “Poop or Get Off the Potty!

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    This book takes a funny and factual approach to using the potty As a children s librarian, I know that potty training is a high demand topic, and I m excited to recommend it to caregivers This book is a great way to talk about the logistics of using the potty, regardless of gender, and makes it clear that using the potty is a BIG accomplishment it means you are a big kid The vivid, colorful pictures, word bubbles, and silly action will draw in young readers I apprecia...

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    A decent enough potty training title to encourage, well, pooping Reinforces that the potty is for going potty and that sometimes when you get to the toilet you need to wait because you really do have to go The best part is that it...

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    Toddlers Mason and Mia learn to poop on the potty.This is a great book to share with a child during toilet training It specifically addresses pooping in the potty, which can be of a challenge than peeing in the potty as many caregivers can attest The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the text is simple and humorous The author s dedication For everyone who poops cracked me up.Another positive point is that the book portrays a high degree of gender equality Both a male and a female parent are shown changing diapers, and both a boy and a girl are the main characters A mix of ethnic backgrounds is also represented, making the book inclusive for all young readers.The one problem I had with the story is that I was unable to determine whether Mason and Mia were twins in the same house or friends have simultaneous experience in different houses It is unclear if the illustrator is changing the background colors to spotlight different characters or to indicate differ...

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    Lively text and brightly colored digital illustrations follow two youngsters as they go from pooping in diapers to using their potties when they get older As is the case for all youngsters, Mia and Mason have spent a great deal of their time pooping The illustrations show their caretakers having to deal with the results over the years Once they are given potties, neither child is completely sure what those little chairs are for and they wonder if they are for napping or storing books Eventually, they figur...

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    This title certainly made me laugh out loud, in the library no less I enjoyed the story and the colorful illustrations and the way that the book celebrated doing the do I borrowed it even though I am so far removed from having littles in my home who are potty training I do have twins however and even though they are 20 now and would likely cringe if they knew I wa...

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    Mason and Mia have done a lot of pooping in their life all sorts of poops Now it s time they did their pooping on the potty First they have to understand what the potty is for, then they have to learn to wait An interesting toilet training books, focusing entirely on poop The most memorable picture When they are both pooping not gross or funny about that, the humor...

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    Potty training books abound This one deals exclusively in the fecal functions of the human toddler All well and good so far But then Mia whispers the book s title to Mason, and there s something uncomfortable about mentally aligning the cutesy version with the much cruder grown up version of the expression.I can t tell if this is one family, ...

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    I m a little surprised by all the good reviews of this one Both my husband and I disliked it and my toddler wasn t impressed either Might be good for parents of twins I thought it was repetitive and kind of silly.

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    Cute story about pooping on the potty I get asked for a lot of potty books so this is a great addition Plus, I know that pooping on the potty is a big deal for young kids so I like that this book is all about that.

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    Poop or Get Off the Potty by Margaret McNamara, illustrated by Allison Black PICTURE BOOK Henry Holt MacMillan , 2019 17 9781250124401BUYING ADVISORY Pre K OPTIONAL AUDIENCE APPEAL AVERAGE

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