Download ☆ Inspiration From the Top By Zig Ziglar –

Download ☆ Inspiration From the Top  By Zig Ziglar –
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Inspiration From the Top
  • Zig Ziglar
  • English
  • 03 November 2019
  • 9781400320004

Inspiration From the Top Inspiring Quotes That Give Courage And Power To Overcome Discouragement And Help You Meet Your GoalsThrough A Stellar Compilation Of His Favorite Motivational Quotes And Sayings, Acclaimed Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar Offers Readers A New Way Of Looking At Life That We Are Not The Victims Of Chance, Or Fate, Or Own Failings, But That Everyone Who Ever Achieved Success Did It Despite Mistakes And Discouragement, And As A Result Of CHOICE Now, Than Ever Before, Readers Will Get A Glimpse Of The Collected Wisdom Of Hundreds Of The Most Successful People Of All Time People Who Dared To Rise Above The Status Quo And Find The Motivation To Make Something For Themselves People Like Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, John Maxwell, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, George Washington Carver, Winston Churchill, Barbara Bush, John Wayne, Robert Frost, And Dwight D Eisenhower As Well As The BibleThrough The Simple Quotes And Nuggets Of Key Insight Of These Great People, The Reader Will Feel Refreshed With Each Turn Of The Page, Gathering The Motivation For Each New Day

About the Author: Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar was a motivational teacher and trainer who traveled the world over, delivering his messages of humor, hope, and encouragement As a talented author and speaker, he had international appeal that transcended every color, culture, and career Recognized by his peers as the quintessential motivational genius of our times, Zig Ziglar had a unique delivery style and powerful messages that ear

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    This book was about a man named Zig Ziglar s favorite quotes He had series of quote from many people Famous people Old presidents Quotes from the bible He also section the quotes He divided them into 4 parts One was kind of like the intro The second was called Motivation So basically quote that motivate you Next was called Designed for Greatness This section was about quotes that were very inspirational They were like quotes from presidents The last section was called Talent It was about quotes that would improve your personality and quotes about wisdom One quote that stuck out to me was The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step on pg 87 This quote means in order to achieve a goal you don t have to start big You can just start small and make your way there Another quote is When the going gets tough, Those with a dream keep going on pg 96 This quote means that those who are going through a hard time will usually fall but if you have a dream and you are determined you will keep going Also if something like an obstacle comes in your way, only those who are determined with their goal will stand up against it and go through it.I think this book was a great book It was very inspirational and a lot of the quotes were very wise and nicely said.

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    All of the photographs are unrelated to the quotes Example A photo of three persons fishing illustrates an Edith Wharton quote about spreading light Example A photo of a bison illustrates a psalm about trusting in the Lord.I have neither patience nor understanding of such text visuals pairings.

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    I love this collection of inspirational quotes This book is beautifully illustrated and is a treasure

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