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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Bold as Love
  • Bob Roberts Jr.
  • English
  • 12 May 2018
  • 9781400204205

Bold as Love As Christians, We Re Called To Love Our Neighbors All Our Neighbors But Is That Even Possible And Can We Truly Love Them Well People Often Think Of Their Neighbors As Those Already Belonging To Their Tribe Or Community It S Safe, It S Easy, And It Doesn T Often Cause Conflict Politically Or Religiously But In Today S World, Everyone And Everything Is Interconnected Globally In An Ever Changing Cultural Landscape, While Religious Strife Runs Rampant Is It Feasible For Christians To Live Their Faith Boldly And Lovingly While Entering Into A True Relationship With Neighbors Of Other Faiths, Both Locally And Globally In Bold As Love, Pastor Bob Roberts Shows You What It Looks Like To Live Out Your Faith Daily In The Global Public Square Among People Of Other Faiths Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists While He Admits That It Can Be Challenging To Engage People Of Other Faiths Whose Beliefs Are As Strong As Yours, He Demonstrates How To Enter Into This Critical Dialogue In A Radical Yet Loving Way We Have To Learn To Speak With One Conversation And Give The Same Message Everywhere To Everyone, He Says We Are Commanded To Love God And Love Others And Sometimes That Requires Risky Boldness Roberts Invites You To Respond To This Call To Live A Life Of Fearless And Loving Engagement With The World So Take The Risk Your Faith Wasn T Made To Live In Isolation It S Something You Do Face To Face, Heart To Heart, Hand To Hand Whether You Are In A Suburb Of Houston Or A Village In India, Put Away The Fear And Suspicion And, Instead, Answer The Call To Radically Love Others The Way God Loves And Get Ready To See Your Life And The Lives Of Those You Touch Your Family, Your Community, Even Your Enemies Transformed

About the Author: Bob Roberts Jr.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bold as Love book, this is one of the most wanted Bob Roberts Jr. author readers around the world.

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    Bob Roberts, Jr has two points in this short book 1 Christians shouldn t be jerks to non Christians.2 I did it, and you can too Of course, Christians probably shouldn t be jerks to other Christians either, but that s not the point of this book In broad strokes, Roberts points out that it s easier to evangelize if we befriend people first and work towards common civic goals than if we scream at them in the street, condemn them to hell, and are generally driven by hate More, he says it s not just easier, it s actually Biblical though he spends much less time on the Biblical bit.Most of the book is composed of personal anecdotes, where he describes meetings he has had with diplomats, international leaders including the government of Vietnam and a Prince of Saudi Arabia , and community members which have all resulted in deep and abiding friendships and given him opportunities to share the Gospel.Which shows us the two problems with the book.But before I point out the issues, let me state for the record that this book is fine Not great, not even really good, but fine Roberts is a competent writer and seems to be sound enough theologically even if it did take him 120 pages out of a 180 page book to actually get to any doctrine , but the overall sense I was left with was pretty much a sense of meh Then again, I tend to think already that Christians shouldn t be jerks I mean, if there s a Christian out there who is a jerk and picks up this book and reads it and is convinced not to be one any, then I suppose Roberts work is done Of course, if you are a jerk you re not likely to pick up a book that s trying to convince you not to be If you re already not a jerk, well, there are better books to read than this one And if you re the kind of jerk that I am, it involves not so much a hatred of other religions as a general cynicism about human nature in general, in which case the book is equally ineffective.

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    I give this of a 2.75 star rating If I am to review the book, I ll review it as a whole The book in itself was not that well written Mr Roberts repeats things almost word for word at times Didn t I just read that two chapters ago The same exact sentence You already said that was what your church always says and explained it, so I don t know why you are doing it again Now for the actual meat of the book It is about how if we are to love our neighbors, we should truly get to know them, especially those who we feel like we don t understand Mr Roberts highlights mainly on the Muslims of the world, but he talks about people who are Hindu, Jewish, and Communists in Vietnam as well He doesn t really talk about people groups in general in our own neighborhoods necessarily other than these specific ones, but I am sure that s included The author tells us stories about his time hanging out with his close friends as he so often puts it who are of other religious factions He hangs out with them and has discussions while being able to maintain peace with them I am very into non violence non resistance and peace and loving your neighbor as yourself as well seeing them all as made in the image of God , so I could agree with the author most of the book However, I don t think that just because Jesus hung out with the people who were looked down upon in His society means we should hang out with them as close friends The Bible states What do we have in common with them which is why we need continual fellowship with other believers so that we don t get pulled down away from Truth He did not talk about taking any precaution of our heart and soul which worried me Jesus would show love and kindness to all people, but He always made sure to tell them to understand that He is the son of God and tell them to go and sin no He never hung out with someone without the hopes of seeing transformation in them I believe we should get to know others and build relationships, yes, and I think that Mr Roberts actually is doing a great job in this way Obviously we can t change anyone, but trying to help guide them towards the truth is extremely important which I am sure that he does do, but it seems like he said many times that he was not out to convert but to be friends My favorite quote from this book was, Never kill in the name of God If anything, we should lose our lives I agree completely So yes, while I do have little things that irked me sometimes in the book, I did see the heart portrayed towards others which was certainly beautifully done I agree that we need to boldly love others as God loves His creation instead of looking down on them or fearing them or hating them, etc.

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    I had a preconceived idea about the faith of others In the deepest corridors of my mind, I have learned to segregate adherents of other faiths I had a touch them not attitude, and as a former worker in an area dominated by adherents of the Buddhist faith, it was always about converting them But that was before Bold as Love came along.Not a voluminous work only 208 pages including the covers, Dr Roberts takes you on a journey of self discovery and understanding, and demonstrated the way to a critical dialogue in a radical yet loving way through the eight chapters of the book Dr Roberts points out that faith isn t simply made to be lived in isolation but something you do face to face, heart to heart and hand to hand He writes, The strength of a religion or faith is not what it is when left alone but what it is when challenged Hard times make for strong faith, deep learning, and moving closer to God Starting with Boldly Loving All My Neighbors, all the chapters in the book are an engaging read, and reflective if one is willing to learn One can safely conclude that all the chapters are boldly written to engage and enrage, to captivate and cultivate, and to arouse and inspire readers to a life of transformational faith a faith that dares to love.It may be pertinent to note that the main thrust of the book is to point readers to answer the call to radically love others the way God loves Dr Robert says, We are commanded to love God and love others And sometimes that requires risky boldness He says that the world can be transformed if we reach out and love the world the way God does and calls us to.It is difficult to predict the place this book will occupy among the thousands of Christian best sellers, but one thing is certain it will transform lives

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    This book mainly tackles the struggle that Christians have in relating with people of different faiths It s written by a pastor who spends a lot of time with world leaders of different faiths, not with a goal of converting but with a goal of loving and serving them I love how clear he was about the fact that he isn t compromising his beliefs or mixing in the beliefs of these others, and neither are they Both parties are strong in what they believe but become close friends This book was captivating and thought provoking, and I appreciated the perspective of love your neighbor extending to literally everyone I didn t agree with every single thing he said, but I loved his message.

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    Bob Roberts, Jr in his new book , Bold as Love book coverBold as Love published by Thomas Nelson shows us What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does.From the back cover As Christians, we re called to love our neighbors all our neighbors But is that even possible And can we truly love them well People often think of their neighbors as those already belonging to their tribe or community It s safe, it s easy, and it doesn t often cause conflict politically or religiously But in today s world, everyone and everything is interconnected globally in an ever changing cultural landscape, while religious strife runs rampant Is it feasible for Christians to live their faith boldly and lovingly while entering into a true relationship with neighbors of other faiths, both locally and globally In Bold as Love, Pastor Bob Roberts shows you what it looks like to live out your faith daily in the global public square among people of other faiths Jews, Muslims, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists While he admits that it can be challenging to engage people of other faiths whose beliefs are as strong as yours, he demonstrates how to enter into this critical dialogue in a radical yet loving way We have to learn to speak with one conversation and give the same message everywhere to everyone, he says We are commanded to love God and love others And sometimes that requires risky boldness Roberts invites you to respond to this call to live a life of fearless and loving engagement with the world So take the risk Your faith wasn t made to live in isolation It s something you do face to face, heart to heart, hand to hand Whether you are in a suburb of Houston or a village in India, put away the fear and suspicion and, instead, answer the call to radically love others the way God loves And get ready to see your life and the lives of those you touch your family, your community, even your enemies transformed I don t know about where you live but where I live the nationalities seem to be expanding Within just a few blocks of my home there are Vietnamese, Koreans, Chinese, People from India, Pakistan, Central Northern Europe as well as the Middle East Quite a diversity wouldn t you say Leads to a number of new restaurants to try out with lots of new recipes This diversity also leads to lots of different religious beliefs in the area Is this something to be frightened about Should we shun them Absolutely not We need to embrace them How can we learn about anyone unless we make friends They may not believe what we believe however they are human just like us and we all need friends Shutting people out of our lives only leads to hurt feelings and walls that take a long time to break down Bob Roberts, Jr shows us how to build multifaith communities where we can all get along and live and work together in prosperity and harmony Bold as Love is an eye opening experience that if taken and used will greatly open and enrich your life and those in your community I think you will want to give this book to family and friends so that they can have a new perspective also They will always remember your gift and thank you for it I recommend this book highly If you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to www.kingdomhighlights.org where they are available On Demand.To listen to 24 hours non stop, commercial free Christian music please visit our internet radio station www.kingdomairwaves.orgDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Handlebar Publishing I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    I received this book from Handlebar s review program in exchange for an honest review I will admit, this book wasn t quite what I expected, with the evangelizing aspect I tend to be a Christian of the liberal, interfaith variety, which isn t exactly the same brand with which the author affiliates Still, though, I found this book to be enjoyable In a world where far too many Christians make a name for themselves talking and teaching about hate and mistrust for other faiths, where misinformation is so carelessly perpetuated, it is always exciting to find a Christian standing up for love The author and I may disagree on the mission of converting others to our faith, and over the concept of the Trinity there are plenty of Christians who are non Trinitarian, both historically and today I happen to be one of them , but the idea of bold love that we are to love to the extreme page 27 is something with which I do deeply agree.The author tells us again, on page 27 , that This book is about what our congregation has experienced while becoming missionaries in a multifaith world, and how it has deepened our love for Jesus and enhanced our witness for him Within the pages of this book, the author demonstrates his conviction in bold love by discussing multifaith involvement with Muslims and Jews, as well as his own personal convictions as an evangelical Christian He speaks about serving, not out of the hope of converting others, but because we have already been converted ourselves He talks about how important it is to build relationships and truly love others He encourages educating ourselves about the faiths of others, getting to know who they are as people.Perhaps one of my favorite pages page 48 discusses how the brilliance of Jesus message to love our enemies was in the impossibility of enmity to exist when there is love, which is something I, myself, have felt was the whole point of that particular part of Jesus teachings Hearing someone else also make this claim was definitely a pleasant experience.I really did enjoy this book We might differ in our personal theology, stand on opposite ends of the Christian spectrum, in terms of conservatism and liberalism, but I did enjoy the author s message How could I not, when the message was love and encouraging understanding and relationship with people of other tribes But not only did I appreciate his message, I found the style of this book engaging, and it was also a very easy, quick read It s a book I think any kind of Christian could benefit from the liberals, like me, would appreciate that he is encouraging such a positive way of living out our faith in this world in relation to those of other faiths, that he is encouraging loving boldly, as Jesus loved And conservatives, too, should be able to take much away from what he has to say Sadly, those who really need to read this book, to hear his message those who preach hate and isolation and negativity they either never will, or will only do so with prejudice Still, I do believe that this book could really mean something to those who would appreciate its message, could really make a difference within that community So I hope that it is one that many Christians and even nonChristians it would benefit Christianity, I think, for others to see this side do read.My rating four stars

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    BOLD as LOVEby Bob Roberts, JR.Are you willing to change the world starting in your neighborhood We can change the world not by standing on a corner telling others that they need to do it our way, but rather by stepping out boldly and serving them That s right only when we serve others can we show the love that Jesus lived He took on the role of a servant out of love and changed the lives of those He served He reached out to those that were considered beneath Him or unclean to His faith.We are living in a world in the midst of change, where everyone and anyone can affect the entire world And the influx of immigrants into America is forcing us to deal with the rest of the world both economically and spiritually This is a God given opportunity for us to be missionaries in our own neighborhood and at the same time have a global reach.We must not view other people groups negatively When we do this stereotype and condescend when we communicate with others We must live out Colossians 4 3 6 and understand others by listening to their concerns and care about them as a person.The Bible is a book about global migration and the mingling and mixing of different faiths Migration is how God spread His Word throughout the ancient world When we love God and follow Jesus teachings we will love others even when our mind says it is impossible Through God the people we most fear can become the people we most love Jesus told us to love our enemies so in Jesus eyes we have no enemies because if you love someone they are no longer your enemy.Fear holds us prisoner, but bold love sets us free When we seek out friendships with those of other faiths we are opening ourselves to challenges to our beliefs, but these challenges strengthen our faith We need to know why we believe what we believe We need to show respect to others and to their beliefs America was founded on religious freedom We cannot deny this founding precept to some, isolating them because they believe differently We need to be like Paul and reach out with respect and build relationships.We must be the Church in every aspect of our day to day life Are you a living Church, ministering to the needs of others of all faiths To be a force of change we need to first serve with our hands, then we must offer our hearts in friendship, and finally we offer thoughts that will spark deep, genuine conversation Service must come before everything.Love is a choice, not an emotion When we serve in Jesus name and for love of Him we will come to genuinely love those we serve This service is a true expression of the Gospel, Serve not to convert, but serve because you ve been converted We need to remember we can t save, only God can do this.Wherever we are Jesus is too because He is within us When we learn to see through His eyes, we will have Bold Love and break through our fears Will you Break on Through and turn the world upside down with Bold Love I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

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    Bold as Love combines anecdotes of Roberts personal discoveries, lessons he learned about his own beliefs and suggestions to build similar experiences across America Roberts s suggestions are both timely and relevant Texas pastor Bob Roberts Jr attributes his heart change to being challenged by a Saudi Arabian prince to do the impossible to somehow bring Muslims and Christians together in the buckle of the Bible belt That was the start of something new for his congregation as its members began hosting an event drawing Christians and Muslims A frequent speaker on this subject, Roberts has written Bold as Love What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does, with the aim of helping Christians live out their faith among people of all faiths Globalization , Roberts says, has changed American neighborhoods, giving Christians close at hand opportunities to demonstrate the gospel to people from all over the world He urges Christians to be honest about their beliefs, not to dilute them, and to begin by loving people and building relationships He believes this requires bold love, not shy faith, which must focus on serving God and following His commands, even taking the first step Further, he has found that nothing builds relationships like serving side by side with people who practice a different faith.Today s unprecedented mass migration has resulted in diverse, powerful world religions living next door to one another Picking our faith passively, or throwing our hands in the air, is not an option We must speak frankly, but lovingly, with all religions in today s compact world Roberts takes a good amount of time to describe his term multifaith, which reflects his real goal people who passionately believe their own faith, and passionately want to know their neighbors as real people which is different from interfaith that tries to meld all beliefs into one Distinguishing between interfaith and multifaith, Roberts doesn t advocate the concept that all paths lead to God Interfaith gatherings tend to ignore core truth Roberts says multifaith efforts acknowledge we have fundamental differences, but the best of our faiths teach us we should get along Although I agree with what Roberts says is needed, this book does give one much to think about I believe there is a fine line to walk with others and still be salt and light to the world It is commendable to work for peace on earth I am concerned that we will only preach a social gospel let s just be friends and leave out the eternal gospel The mission of the Church should be to preach the Gospel of the death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus, so that people on their way to hell under the judgment of God for sin can turn to a Merciful God and be saved I recommend this book, it isn t what you might think and will get you to evaluate just what you really believe I received this book from Handlebar Publishing in the Blog Network program for my review.

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    The theme of the book is a good one Pastor Bob Roberts wants Christians to be good neighbors to Muslims, Jews and people of all faiths He believes the best way to show Christ s love with those outside of our faith tradition is by intentionally establishing friendships All of this is good Unfortunately, the book itself is not First, Roberts interacts minimally with Scripture Instead, he simply tells dozens of stories of how he has done what he wants the reader to do This has the unintended effect of coming off as Look at how great I am, you should be like me Second, Roberts provides essentially zero practical advice for how the average Christian can do this All of the stories he provides describe opportunities made available to him as a highly influential mega church pastor An inconceivably small percentage of his readers will have any of the opportunities he describes as we, unlike him, are not regularly meeting with dignitaries, politicians and religious leaders Thus, though the book has a good aim, it misses the mark terribly.

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    How do you relate to your neighbors who are different from you No, I m not talking about how much money they make, what fancy toys they have,or even their ethnicity.How do you spend time with neighbors who are not Christian Maybe they are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhists, or atheist Do you keep your distance or just say a passing hello if you meet to cross the street at the same time We are no longer separated from other cultures by our countries or nation With our global economy, many faiths live in America and most likely just down the street from you In Bold as Love, Pastor Bob Roberts, Jr shows us what is looks like to truly love our neighbor regardless of faith, culture, or nationality.Bob Roberts, Jr is the founding pastor of Northwood Church in Keller, Texas He has made it his mission to not only teach about sharing your faith with non Christians, but has also introduced it to his own congregation We are reminded that we need to first have relationships with others Without spending time with people, we cannot share the gospel of Jesus Christ Why would they listen to us He and his church have teamed up with a Jewish congregation and a Muslim one The not only serve the community together, they also share worship service time Not for the sake of converting each other, but to better understand the other faiths and respect the people and their beliefs.Bob Roberts, Jr journey has taken him to many corners of the world which he shares in Bold as Love We can live out our faith while forging relationships with non Christians It just takes faith It is a whole new world just outside your front door Go and embrace others and spread God s lovethrough acts of kindness and frienships I received a complimentary copy of Bold as Love from Handlebar Publishing and Thomas Nelson for my honest opinion I received no further compensation.

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