Free ↠ 10 Christians Everyone Should Know By John Perry –

Free ↠ 10 Christians Everyone Should Know  By John  Perry –
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • 10 Christians Everyone Should Know
  • John Perry
  • English
  • 02 June 2019
  • 9781400203611

10 Christians Everyone Should Know Jane Austen, Sergeant York, Saint Patrick What Did They Have In Common Two Thousand Years And Still Going Strong That S The Story Of Christianity And While The Christian Martyrs And Saints And Orators May Have Gotten Press, The Fact Is The Faith Has Been Carried Through History In The Hearts And Deeds Of Believers Who Though Beloved To Us Now Were Simply Living Ordinary Lives Of Devotion It Would Be Almost Impossible To Imagine Ten People Different From Each Other Than These, Editor John Perry Says This Is The First Truth Of Christian Living Anybody, Anywhere Can Be A Champion Of The Faith, An Example And Inspiration To All Who Follow There S No Dry Biography Here, Though Each Story Teems With Fresh Insight D L Moody Did Some Of His Most Powerful Evangelizing By Befriending Ragged Street Children In Chicago William F Buckley Never Delivered A Sermon, Yet A Christian Worldview Informed His Erudite, Witty, Output In Print And Broadcasting To Compose Her Poems, Anne Bradstreet Had To Understand Science, History, The Bible, And Literature, Not To Mention The Political Scene In Both Massachusetts And England You Ll Look With New Eyes, Also, On The Lives Of George Washington Carver, Jane Austen, Galileo, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergeant York, John Bunyan, And Saint Patrick You Might Think You Know Their Stories But You Don T Not Yet.For Lovers Of Biography, For Homeschool Or Study Groups, For Anyone Seeking Encouragement In The Christian Walk, 10 Christians Everyone Should Know Is A Valuable Resource.

About the Author: John Perry

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. John Perry has coauthored books with John MacArthur, Richard Land, Mike Huckabee, among others and written historical books about Charles Colson, the Scopes Monkey Trials, and He is a two time Gold Medallion Award finalist and lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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    I was inspired to read this book while I was reading the 12 Extraordinary Women Biographies are not really my cup of tea But 12 Extraordinary Women made me want to know about the history of our Faith Not just the people in the Bible but also the Christians before us.The book begins with St Patrick, Galileo, Anne Bradstreet, John Bunyan, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jane Austen, D.L Moody, George Washington Carver, Sergeant York and William F Buckley, Jr.All ten are from different times They were of different professions But we have heard, read and listen about them and their works in some way They were all greatly respected and all have very strong Christian Faith Even Galileo with his scientific mind and straining relationship with the church of his time was a believer Each chapter is a little synopsis of the lives of each of the 10 Christians There is a lot to learn from each of them I would like to quote Sergeant York If this country fails it will fail from within I ...

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    I enjoyed this book, so much I didn t know and so much I m happy I learned

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    The title, 1o Christians Everyone Should Know, immediately caught my eye I enjoy biographies so I figured a book highlighting ten important Christians would be right up my alley With a good knowledge of church history, I thought I could guess at least a few of the persons who would be included probably Athanasius or Augustine from the early church, Francis of Assisi or Thomas Aquinas from the medieval era, a few Reformers and some modern people to round it out Right Wrong.The list of figures in this book is surprising A few of the people are well known for their contribution to the Christian church, such as St Patrick, John Bunyan and the composer Bach Many of the others are well known, but not because they were Christians I especially enjoyed glimpses into the lives of people like Jane Austen and George Washington Carver The best chapter in the book is on Galileo, whose inclusion may surprise people who just assume the church hated him and he hated the church But the fact is, he was a faithful Christian The final two chapters in the book were the most curious, to me Sargent York, a hero of WWI, and William Buckley, a renowned conservative columnist It was here than anywhere else that I asked, could they not have found anyone else in the 20th century, any other Christians I should know I enjoyed learning both of their stories, but this reveals the flaw in any sort of book like this The reader will always wonder why certain people were included and oth...

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    10 Christians everyone should know lives of the faithful and what they mean to you ISBN 9781400203611, 2012 by John Perry book editor covers the Christian life and or values ofSaint Patrick ca 380 ca 490 by Jonathan Roger,Galileo 1564 1642 by Mitch Stokes,Anne Bradstreet 1612 1672 by D B Kellogg,John Bunyan 1628 1688 by Kevin Belmonte,Johann Sebastian Bach 1685 1750 by Rick Marschall,Jane Austen 1775 1817 by Peter Leithart,D L Moody 1837 1899 by Kevin Belmonte,George Washington Carver ca 1864 1943 by John Perry,Sergeant York 1887 1964 by John Perryand William F Buckley Jr 1925 2008 by Jeremy Lott.The book is a collection of bibliographical essays compiled, arranged and or edited by Perry who penned two of these essays These short bibliographies are an attempt to show what being Christian s supposed to be strong and faithful to overcome challenges as the following quote from the introduction We see as well that Christianity is timeless This is good news for those of us who fear for the future of the faith in this so called post Christian era Saint Patrick was born in the fifth century AD William Buckley died in 2008 As different as their worlds were and as different from the worlds of Galileo or Austen they nonetheless faced some of the same obstacles Christianity goes against the most deeply ingrained tendencies of the human heart We are by nature hopelessly self centered As Jeremiah 17 9 warns us, The heart is deceitful above all things,...

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    10 Christians Everyone Should Know Lives of the Faithful and What They Mean to You gives you abridged introductions to the biographies in the Christian Encounters Series from Thomas Nelson Publishers In chronological order you meet the lives of Saint Patrick, Galileo Galilei, Anne Bradstreet, John Bunyan, Johan Sebastian Bach, Jane Austen, D.L Moody, George Washington Carver, Sergeant York and William F Buckley Jr.Though other Christians may have gotten attention, it s interesting to dig into the lives and choices of these preachers, housewives, authors, composers and bishops Some seem to live ordinary lives, or in the words of editor John Perr...

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    This book was ok It provided short biographies of 10 people thus the title who nearly everyone in the US has heard of The biographies focused on each subjects Christian faith and how that influenced them.The writing wasn t all that great It felt...

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    The stories in this book are easy to understand and explain why each individual is important to Christianity The book is written so that the every day person can understand what the author is trying to convey I like how the history is less about dates and about stories and bits ...

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    This book contains essays by different writers so the essays varied in readability I did think the subjects were interestingly varied They were Saint Patrick, Galileo, Anne Bradstreet, John Bunyon, Johann Se...

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    This is could be a worthwhile book for your homeschool and, with its great end notes, a source of endless rabbit trails.Read my entire review here

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